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Dr. Mary Walker was one classy lady

Two or three years ago, while doing research on Civil War medicine at the University of Alberta, I ran across an interesting reference to a particular female doctor who served during the conflict on the Union side. Her name? Dr. Mary … Continue reading

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Let’s Start Talking About Postcards and Research Topics

Hello, all! This will be the first of many posts on the subject of my research project for my Public History Master’s program. I’m going to make every effort to demonstrate to you just how interesting everything I’m studying is. … Continue reading

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Laurits Andersen Ring – At Breakfast (1898)

How you should picture me when wondering how I do my research.

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Nursing on a Sunny Day

Myself as Sister Nancy Sparrow, a nursing veteran of the Great War, at Fort Edmonton Park.

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Hello world!

Hello, internet! This is (not) your captain speaking. To avoid staring awkwardly at the blinking cursor on the screen before me, I’ll just say that I have created this blog so that I can have a space to focus exclusively … Continue reading

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