Hello world!

Hello, internet! This is (not) your captain speaking.

To avoid staring awkwardly at the blinking cursor on the screen before me, I’ll just say that I have created this blog so that I can have a space to focus exclusively on history-related shenanigans, as opposed to my former blog, which was more of a travel blog and a space to complain whine talk about school-related stressors in addition to other slightly more interesting topics.

Who am I? At the moment, I am an Albertan stranded  living in Ottawa, pursuing a Master’s in Public History at Carleton University. I am an avid cyclist and knitter, and spent far too much time reading. (Or is that about normal for a grad student?) I am also a former(?) employee of the living history museum Fort Edmonton Park (though once you fall in love with Fort Edmonton your heart never really leaves it). If you see a photograph of myself or other wonderful folks in historical dress from the 1840s – 1920s, it was likely taken there. Prepare yourself:  you will see plenty of such photographs here.

You should also expect to see a lot of talk about my current research projects at Carleton. My research interests include (with little variation in extreme enthusiasm): history of photography! History of postcards! History of early automobiles! History of fashion! History of travel! History of the 19th century! History of the Edwardian period! History of women! History of knitting! History of the English language! History of medicine! Etc., etc., ad nauseam.

You have been warned. Now, here’s a picture of myself looking smug and semi-aristocratic as Nancy Harriett, the Métis country wife of a Chief Trader at Fort Edmonton in 1846. Note the knitted stocking nearing completion and the beauty and coziness of the Fort.

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