About Me

Lauren Markewicz is a graduate of the Master of Public History program at Carleton University in Our Nation’s Capital of Ottawa, Ontario. She enjoys doing research far more than she really ought to as an average human being.

She is currently working in the wilds of Elk Island National Park, where she regularly blurs the lines between “national park” and “historic site.” When she’s not making people passionate about the history of bison through historical anecdotes, she teaches children and adults essential woodland survival skills, fun facts about wildlife, and how to find bison. In the past few years she has learned far more about animal scat than even the average Canadian knows, and is regularly caught in “bison jams” instead of traffic jams on her way to work.

For the summer of 2013 she served as an intern at Library and Archives Canada. This position gave her the right to brag about her daily 30km round trip bicycle commute across provincial lines onto the Quebec side of the Ottawa River. It also provided her with fascinating experience into how archives work from behind the scenes. Of course, she can’t talk about the details without having to kill you. Forty-year-old processed cheese may be involved.

A photograph of myself taken by my good friend Cassidy Foxcroft, during the York Boat arrival program in August 2011 at Fort Edmonton Park.

A photograph of Lauren Markewicz taken by Cassidy Foxcroft during the York Boat arrival program in August 2011 at Fort Edmonton Park.

After working as a costumed historical interpreter at Fort Edmonton Park for four years, Lauren enjoys learning and teaching history through living it (without the use of time travel). This may or may not explain the knitting. She can natter on about the history of medicine and hygiene, making pemmican, driving cars from the 1920s, fashion throughout the ages, the history of bison conservation, and many other topics for a shockingly long time.

She speaks English with a mostly Canadian accent and French with a pseudo-Norman accent influenced by Québecois vocabulary.

While Lauren has numerous other interests besides history (though it may be difficult to tell from the most common of her topics of conversation), this blog will be mostly devoted to her historical research projects, and so references to her personal life, travelling adventures, fiction writing, knitting and other hobbies shall be kept elsewhere.

Lauren also has a Twitter feed, which focuses on topics related to history, writing, French, and Canadiana.

Beware: history may be found within.

Drop her a line to talk about history or bison at: lamarkewicz@gmail.com

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